There are 9 original Japanese Panasonic placement machines in the SMT workshop, which are equipped with intelligent feeding, optical inspection and intelligent temperature control reflow soldering production lines. Automatic online AOI quality detectors, X-Ray detectors and X-ray automatic material dispensers. Currently, it has 12 million dots / day patch production capacity. Bonding: Equipped with 6 automatic ASM macro bonding machines and a COB packaging capacity of 30,000 pieces / day.

Dip: A customized automatic robot Dip production line to meet the automatic production of conventional and special-shaped components, PCB three anti-paint coating process.


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  • X-Ray X-ray detector

  • Shansi X-RAY testing equipment

  • Panasonic NPM

  • GKG automatic solder paste printing machine

  • device

  • workshop

  • AXC-800III

  • Panasonic NPM placement machine

  • DIP workshop equipment

  • DIP workshop

  • DIP workshop

  • COB solid crystal machine

  • Microscopic examination

  • COB sealing machine

  • Tunnel furnace

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